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Anupriya Mehra (Post-doctorante)

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Anupriya finished her Bachelors degree in Biotechnology from the Amity University, New Delhi, India. For her further studies she moved to the east India, where she completed her masters in Biotechnology in 2013 at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam. Here at the department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, her master's project focused on role of uninfected RBCs in neuroinflammation in the cerebral malaria like conditions via cytoadherence. 

In 2014, she started her doctoral studies under the co-supervision of Dr. Fabian Docagne and Pr. Denis Vivien at Physiopathology and Imaging of Neurological Disorders "PhIND", U1237, INSERM, Caen, France.
During her thesis she worked in the Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) nEUROinflammation funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)  for Research and Technological Development. Her project focused on the molecular and functional basis of neuroinflammation during Multiple Sclerosis. In January 2018, she joined the LBHE at the Jean Perrin Faculty of Science in Lens (Université d’Artois) under the directions of associate Pr. Dr. Fabien GOSSELET and Pr. Dr. Laurence TILLOY-FENART. Under the project SNOWBALL, she will explore the dynamic role of pericytes in neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration during ischemia and CAA.