Elisa Moya

Elisa Moya

Elisa MOYA (PHD)

Tel: 03 21 79 17 00

e-mail: eliliana.jimenezmoya@univ-artois.fr

Elisa MOYA started her bachelor degree in 2013, in Biological Sciences, at the University of Granada (Granada, Spain). After, in 2015, she studied at the University of Algarve (Faro, Portugal) with Erasmus+ during one year. In July 2016, she participated in a research project dealing with Alzheimer’s disease in Newcastle University (Newcastle, UK) during 3 months (doi:10.1007/s00401N017N1738N2). Later, April 2017, she joined into the organization committee of an International Conference, by CSIC (The Spanish National Research Council) in Granada. In September 2017, she started a practical training in the biotechnological company Vircell S.L, for 6 months. She completed her master of Translational Research and Personalised Medicine in July 2018, with a master thesis named “Predictive value of PKR kinase and it´s pre-microRNA-nc886 regulator in metastatic colon cancer patients in response to 5-FU based chemotherapy”.

In September 2018, she has started her PhD at the lab LBHE under the direction of Marie-Pierre Dehouck, in the frame of the European Training Network of Marie Curie Actions in NANOSTEM project. Her project consists in development of a BBB (blood brain barrier) assay that allows improved screening of higher number of compounds”.