Solène Masloh


Solene Masloh

Solène Masloh

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Solene Masloh received a degree in engineering at Polytech-Angers (France) and more precisely at l’ISTIA (Institute of Sciences and Engineering of Angers) in 2018. She graduated in biological engineering with the specialty "health products innovation".

She completed her last internship at Affilogic, a private biotech company specialized in discovering and developing affinity proteins called Nanofitins. Her project focused on studying oral administration of Nanofitins using simulated gut fluids. In February 2019, she started her PhD under the co-supervision of Dr. Maxime Culot (LBHE - Université d’Artois, France) and Pr. Leonardo Scapozza (University of Geneva, Switzerland). This phD is supported by the french national agency of research and technology (ANRT – Convention Ciffre) and part of a collaboration between Affilogic (Nantes, France), LBHE - Université d’Artois (France) and the University of Geneva (Switzerland).

Solene’s thesis project consists in evaluating and optimizing the oral delivery of Nanofitin-drugs by assessing and improving their active transport through the intestinal barrier using in vitro and in vivo models.


Keywords : Affilogic, Nanofitins, intestinal barrier, oral administration.